Many startup companies need to launch their official websites for the promotion of their new brands in the market. It is not easy for everyone to hire professional web designers for this purpose, as their fees are often too high. But web designing with proper coding is a complicated job that can be accomplished only by the trained IT professionals. So now the common web launchers are offered website design software without coding.  They do not need to possess any special expertise to use this kind of software tool.

Website Design Software without Coding

Useful IT tools for web designing without coding

  • HTML to WordPress software is very effective in converting an HTML page of a website into the WordPress format within only a few seconds. It is easier for the common people to insert new web designs into the WordPress format. Thus, they develop their websites conveniently by installing this software.
  • Carrd is the perfect software for developing the websites that contain only one webpage. It is free website design software without coding that is the simplest tool for developing and hosting the new websites. Thus, any person without any IT training can easily build up and beautify his website, with the application of this software.
  • Bubble is the useful website design software without coding that is mainly needed to create a new website and the mobile app of that site. The user can simply drag and drop different images, videos, texts, icons, or maps from his computer, for building up his new website. He has lots of options for customizing his website. He can choose the color and theme of the font, navigating buttons, and other features according to the functional nature of the website.
  • Template Stash is the software that offers a large collection of free themes and various web templates to the owners of the new websites. Thus, these websites can be customized according to the specific keywords and the categories of commercial services supposed to be exhibited there. This software also contains the options for special designing of the website, which are categorized as ‘material design’, ‘admin templates’ and ‘modern portfolio’.
  • XPRS is the free website developer software that is used by some reputed brands. It is very simple website design software without coding and saves the huge expenses of website designing by a professional. People now find the designing, hosting, and editing of their websites very easy and funny, due to the use of this amazing software that contains plenty of options for customization of websites in all aspects.
  • Pivot is the software that builds up the HTML page of a website very easily. Even the new users can choose suitable content blocks from the database containing more than 70 styles. These blocks include the color schemes of the webpage, site navigation systems, relevant images and texts, fitting the nature of the developing website. So this software can be used for building any personal or commercial website within a few minutes.
  • Hype 3.0 is the website design software without coding that can create most wonderful web designs in HTML format. This software records short animation movies to form automatically formed keyframes. These keyframes can be edited manually with the help of Hype, as per the requirements of the website owner. So this software is used to create eBooks, infographics, and presentations as well, apart from the websites of interesting designs.
  • Webydo 2.0 is the ideal web designing software for the professional websites. The people without any coding knowledge can easily handle this software for designing their websites. There are many designing options, from which they can choose the ones that suit their requirements. The commercial websites can easily avail the options of accepting direct payment from the customers, a dashboard that can be put into several uses, and other B2B features for faster business profits.

There are more useful software tools without coding that can help the common people in developing their own websites, without hiring the professional web designers. They need to search on the internet for such tools and choose the ideal software, for developing their websites. Thus, they can create their websites as efficiently and perfectly, as done by the expert professionals with the coding language.


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