Project Name : Soludos Ecommerce

Website :


Soludos is a New York based company that specialises in crafting footwear and accessories for their global audience, with their thirst for fine craftsmanship they wanted to get their products into their hands of loyal fans around the world. So, we teamed up to make the wish happen.


After looking into our previous work samples and demo they wanted a similar solution that is into the minimalism realm, they wanted the site to be in a easy to digest format in the end user point of view. With the above mentioned in our mind, we developed the concept into working code.


The team over at Soludos was extremely happy on taking a look at our final draft, they mentioned that the website suits the theme they were rooting far, which is laid back, relaxed and holiday vibes, that what the brand is all about, fine craftsmanship at work.