Project Details

Website : 
Starting Date : 08-09-2017
Completion Date : 21-09-2017


Boffin Ninja is a South Indian based client who had a team that was specialized in providing SEO related solutions for both Indian and offshore customers. They were one of the top sorts of SEO company here for their quality of work and pricing policies. They wanted to know more about the community by bringing together everyone in a place.


So, our team set out with a goal to create a minimal but feature a rich forum to bring in the community together. We worked closely with the client to capture the design concept we were rooting for, with that in mind we gave them a basic wireframe and which transformed into a project after approval. We decided to spice up things by setting level by Game of throne Trilogy positions

They were on point and i liked the approach of the team right off the bat.

Venkatesh Owner - Boffinninja


The forum turned out to be an immense success after client-side implementation, as they were able to get much closer to the community at the same time helping the young SEO talents to fix their correct path. They were finally able to give back to the community one question at a time.