Project Name: Maddie Style Ecommerce



Maddiestyle is a global clothing brand that sell their clothing line online to global audience, they ship worldwide and are a prominent brand well known for their quality of service, design and material choices, they were in search for solid e-commerce website that would be simple yet functional to represent their brand online. That’s when they approached us for enquiry.


After hearing their requirements we came out with a idea of creating a simple yet functional website that revolves around the concept of minimalism and user friendliness. As the client was all into the concept of element of surprise and creativity, we made sure that end product with tie in with all the above expectations to uplift the users shopping experience.


Our team completed the project in exactly a month including the testing and research phase and the end product was pleasing for both the client and the end user, the site is up and generating business globally, yet another feature added to the cap of the Nevrless Team.