How to register a web design company in India

Having an online presence in these days are more like obtaining a license for starting the operations. Alternatively, starting a new business irrespective of the nature of activity in any city of India mandates having the requisite permits and license permits and license.

Any of the states follows an individual pattern to register a new business. But to start your online business, it is necessary to buy a domain name.

To register your business starts by opening a bank account with the name of your business. Make a professional face of your company to get more response from the clients.

Cash down first the benefits of the situation and start your web designing business in India, after obtaining the trade license according to the law of your state or your city. In-depth details of the prospects can be easily gathered from the business association center and other local economic development organizations of your city.

How to register a web design company in India

Domain buying and other important things to do

To start the process, chose the name of your company and register it with the State Business Associations. Registering the domain name comes after that. The legal structure should be registered with the stated authority. You do not need any expert or mastermind to tell you that using the web designing in your name get to give your better online ranking.

Now design your logo that you will need to use on the invoices or your contracts.

Now purchase your domain. This is one of the most important parts if you are looking for a way of How to register a web design company in India. You will get the option to buy it online through a good service provider.

As for the license requisitions, the Excise and the licensing department can be your information destination. All the available forms are available there and can be easily submitted.

In addition, you should check for the employer’s requirements and comply if you want to avoid any type of penalties.

Trade license

If you are opening your web design company in large manner or you if you want to set up your own office but not any freelance company, you need to obtain a trade license.

In India, every business needs to have their dedicated trade license for business permission in a particular state or city otherwise the govt. can even sue you and your company for the reason.

First of all, obtain the CIN or the company identification number. This is a unique number or identifier number of Department of Commerce of India.

They use the number to track your business liabilities and activities. You will get the form online by visiting the website of the department of commerce. In most of the cases, you will get the online submission options also.

If you are searching for your option of How to register a web design company in India, then you can visit the govt. website or can go to the department directly.

There you need to submit your identity proofs, your company details, and your business plan. If they approve your plan, you will get the registration number for your business.

You also need to register the place that you have chosen for your office. It should a legal place and if you need to obtain authorization to start your web designing company there.

These are some major steps that you need to follow if you are looking for How to register a web design company in India.


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