The owners of small or startup businesses find it hard to spend lots of money on developing their websites. Some professional web developers charge too much for their services, which may be unaffordable for many small business owners. So they need to look online and find the average cost of website design for small business. The exact quotes can be obtained from these professional web designers, only by providing the details of the projects.

Mandatory factors included in the average cost of web design of small business

Normally, a small company prefers to launch a simple website with only a few pages. They like to upload very few stock images in their websites, for keeping the web designing cost to the minimum level. However, few expenses cannot be avoided even by the startup entrepreneurs and help in deciding the average cost of website design for small business.

  • The specific domain name should be booked in return of a nominal yearly fee. Normally, this rate for domain name depends on the type of URL chosen or the addition of an extension to the URL for further customization. Without a domain name, the visitors will not be able to find the distinct website.
  • Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate is mandatory for any commercial website. This certification should be issued by the valid authorities in return of annual or monthly fees. It is essential to safeguard the financial and personal details of the customers entered on that website while buying the product of that company.
  • Web hosting is another vital service that is needed for building up a website. There are professional web hosting agencies that demand annual or monthly fees for the management of web hosting for a site. The rates of these fees depend on the inclusion of useful features to the website, as well as on the numbers of traffic visiting that site. However, these annual rates seem to be a bit lower than the monthly fees.
  • The content of a website includes the necessary texts, icons, relevant images or videos. Content Management System (CMS) helps in selecting the most relevant contents that will make the websites most attractive to the visitors. It also saves the time and energy of the website owners needed for selecting the appropriate contents. However, it is not a mandatory expense and may not be included in the average cost of website design for small business.
  • The professional web designers demand quite a large amount of fees. The web designing costs usually depend on the category of the website, type of web contents, and the extent of customization to be done. The website may be freshly designed or simply redesigned with some changes, thus causing some effects on the designing cost. All the websites should be updated and redesigned at regular intervals of a few years. The themes of the websites may be changed frequently, mainly in case of WordPress contents that are quite common and available for free. The mobile-friendly websites get better SEO rankings, for which the sites should be designed to be responsive on all interfaces.
  • The success of the commercial websites largely depends on the online marketing tactics. There are some features that help in the better online marketing of the company brand. The proper search engine optimization is the primary condition of every online business. So it is best to hire a professional SEO consultant for making the site SEO friendly. The inclusion of the most relevant keywords is the most important feature of SEO ranking. The regular updating and maintenance of SEO are available for a monthly fee that varies according to the company size, thus included in the average cost of website design for small business.
  • Social media marketing is very important for the brand promotion of a company. The webpage should be suitably modified for this purpose. Content marketing is another useful tool that is highly successful in achieving profits. The perfect contents include the most interesting and relevant blogs, pictures, videos, white pages, podcasts, charts, and power point presentations. The expert professionals upgrade the websites of their clients with the required contents, in return for regular monthly fees.  Pay-Per-Click is also popular in spreading the brand name among prospective clients.


There are more online tools that determine the average cost of website design for small business, which is beneficial for business growth.

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